Chris Florio

Classes Taught - College Level


New England Institute of Art
GAD2100 - Game Design (Unity3D)
GAD3400 - Game Programming for the Artist(Unity3D)
GAD3600 - Level Design
GAD4100 - Game Prototyping
GAD4200 - Advanced Game Prototyping
GAD4500 - Game Production Team
WDIM 230 - Audio for Multimedia
WDIM 240 - Video Production
WDIM 260 - Animated Graphics for the Web
WDIM 340 - Video Compositing (After Effects)
WDIM 360 - Interactive Graphics
WDIM 430 - Game Audio
WDIM 451 - Interactive Video
WDIM 453 - Interactive Performance
WDIM 454 - Adobe AIR for Desktop and Mobile
WDIM 460 - Game Programming (Actionscript)
MAA261 - Interactive Animation
MAA310 - Video & Audio Editing
MAA4100 - Digital Compositing
AMT160 - Digital Audio & Media (Pro Tools)
BUS110 - Survey of Music Business
EN3990 - Industry Field Experience

Emerson College Interactive
Web Design After Effects Production (Graduate Course)
Flash Animation

Northeastern University
Survey of Interactive Media Applications (Graduate Course - English Department)

University of Massachusetts Lowell
2D and 3D Animation Video Production
Video Editing FX & Compositing

Museum School of Fine Arts
Flash Animation
Interactive Development (Director)

Interactive Factory -
taught courses on
Adobe Premiere
Flash Animation
Adobe After Effects
Actionscript Programming
Adobe Photoshop
Macromedia Director
HTML Development
Pro Tools
Corel Painter
Video Streaming